The all new Talisman corridor

Welcome to the new Talisman Square Corridor in Kenilworth! A dark foreboding walkway of bricks that may just happen.

Cobalt Estates and their development partner Discovery Properties are seeking feedback on their proposal to build shops and a student accommodation block on Talisman Square. They are the same developers who built Waitrose and the Square Car park.

In principle the idea is sound. It will provide several retail units as well as well as provide 120 student flats. There are several renderings of how the design will look but what we do find strange is that there are no renderings showing what the actual square will look like after the development is complete. We can only surmise this is a purposeful omission. Apologies for the quality but we wanted to show where the buildings extremities will reach.


Talisman SquareAs you can see there is very little open space left. If you thought it was gloomy when they had the car park boards up just think of it with a 4 story building above you.

The developer plans clearly show the buildings in line with that of Boots which is actually taking up more room that the car park currently does.

Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan


Talisman Square Kenilworth Proposal

In our minds the proposal falls short in a number of areas:

No square space is left. No nice seating. No fountains or areas of interest. Of the building itself, absolutely no creativity is shown. It’s built as wide as possible creating a dark area along the shops by Kenilworth Books. It’s a boring row of shops with flats above them.  Now where have we seen a design like that before? Everywhere! It’s cliché. Where is the interestingly shaped building that can be a worthy centre piece for the town? Where are the terraces, balcony restaurants, root top playgrounds? Instead we have boring boring boring bricks that will look like 60’s Coventry before too long.

Time to voice you opinions.

The proposal can be found here:

The deadline for feedback is Friday 6th November and there are several ways to contact them:

1. Visit the Signet Planning website consultation page (
2. Send an email to
3. Send your comments to Jamie Pyper at Signet Planning, Rowe House, 10 East Parade,
Harrogate, HG1 5LT.